"1 in 2 employees in NZ plan on looking for a new role within the next year."* 

Could this be the smoke signaling that the global 'Great Resignation' fire fueled by Covid-19 is being ignited in NZ? Time will tell. 

However, I sense that Covid-19 has certainly changed human consciousness around the globe and it is happening whether or not we call it the great resignation or the great attrition. 

This shift in consciousness is the intrinsic event that leaders of companies, small or large, must pay attention to because it is turning out to be (manifesting) as a global people and employee movement. It has become a human movement.

As a human movement, it carries consciousness as the energy with a momentum that has "freed many people (employees) from conventional values and expectations of what they want from their work and lives."** 

THE QUALITY OF WORK AND LIFE NOW MATTERS EVEN MORE FOR EMPLOYEES – absence of mental health and burnout, living in a high state of well-being and heartfelt human experience, and engaging with deeper levels of personal development and self-awareness, individually and collectively. Awakened employees demand new and higher order way of understanding and thinking, of being and doing they work they do.

More employees are getting increasingly attuned, both mindfully and more so heartfully with their hidden yearning for the higher reaches of human nature such as, purpose, meaning, identity, knowing who I am. They become conscious of their longing to express their full potentiality as a unique human person – for the greater and higher good of themselves and others. 

No company will be immune from this global shift in employees’ consciousness because it has unsettled the relationship between the consciousness of the employees with the shared company culture.

Carrying on by carrying on as it is means increasing the exposure for more awakened employees resigning from companies that fail to re-evaluate and re-energise the attitude and behavior that matters most - that which originates from a shift the maturity of consciousness of employees. 

The implication for leaders is that they must begin to figure out how to deploy such a shift in the consciousness of employees as a human person to resonate with the global shift in human consciousness. Such inner transformation will be well received and it will be transferred into outer shifts in performance and inventiveness and peak human levels.

At Being at Full Potential, we have been investigating and practicing such a shift in the maturity of consciousness – working with our clients to transform leaders and employees way of being and doing at work since 2015. 

We adopt human potential realisation as the powerful means for understanding the growth (maturity) of consciousness and self-awareness in adulthood. We developed human potential tools, framework and methodology that help leaders and employees to shift mindsets with a knowing we learn from other masters that the essence of mind is only awareness or consciousness.

The excitation of consciousness in leaders and employees is the way to go to reset the company culture to match the challenges and create immunity against the great resignation that is ignited by the shift in human consciousness as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. 

Therefore, we have a value proposition for you. Metaphorically, we put it this way. 

The best ‘vaccine’ to gain immunity from the great resignation ‘bug’ of ‘infecting’ your company is to put in place a Conscious Culture that will incubate and create a ‘vaccine’ that is grounded in elevating the level of consciousness maturity in everyone in your organisation.

As a culture transformational pathway, we provide a “Conscious Culture” as a deep learning and change management program using a proven and adaptable six step human-centric reculturation road map to build immunity from a consciousness shield 

By co-creating a Conscious Culture, it will not only mitigate the great resignation from happening in your company but it will also ensure the great attraction of new talents to your company. 

You may access our white paper

“Conscious Culture  - Raising Consciousness within organisations and other ecosystems as the pathway for outstanding performance.”

by using this link

Please contact/message Mark or Peter and we will be happy to have a chat with you about questions you have or information you need. 

This is your opportunity to learn more about transcending your company culture to match the growing consciousness of employees who are primed for such a conscious culture transformation that will help them improve the quality of the work life they yearn for today. 

* Reference - Employee movement and retention report, 2021, Employment hero. ** Reference - article by Being First Inc., The Great Resignation: What's Next for Change & Organization Consultants? Parenthesis mine.

Images in this article are created by Vanessa Jane Smith