We trust in the resourcefulness of each person, and we accept others’ truth as perfect for them. We know that everyone is on a unique and perfect journey. Whenever the energy is heavy or not flowing, rather than push through, we pause to listen & sense into the wisdom of the moment. We are not prone to control.

No matter how evolved we are, there is no endpoint to grow in our freedom and fullness. We allow another movement to happen as we strive to reach our full potential continuously. We embrace, without judgment, all aspects of the human experience and recognize that only then can we access and unleash our full potential.

Every day, we practice the act of being present to others, suspending our judgment and reactive thinking, and opening up our awareness to accept criticism or feedback with the intention of being with it, even when it is far from our truth. We listen with kindness to the more profound and subtler levels of meaning and emotions within others.

We see ourselves as conduits rather than as creators of the tools, frameworks and training programs that have manifested through us. We claim nothing through copyrights and, whenever possible, adopt an open-source approach to evolving this work. In this way, our partners and collaborators can freely build on, enrich and expand the impact of this work in the world.