Saravanavasan KS
Senior Director Human Resources, Omega Healthcare Management Services

We as Omega truly are inspired by your intent and we are experiencing a true partnership. We are really proud to have partnered with you.

Lakshmi Arora
Certified Human Potential Development Coach (2023)

The course is a wonderful experience filled will inspirational and insightful content. It excels in various aspects, from engaging content to interactive sessions that promote personal growth and practical application. The learning space is supportive and provides great resources for exploration. It is a holistic guide to a framework to unlock one's full potential. I am grateful for the positivity and knowledge received from the course. Lakshmi Arora - Certified Human Potential Development Coach (2023)


Laura Luna
Certified Human Potential Development Coach (2023)

The Being at Full Potential assessment and frameworks have led me to a deeper understanding of who I am as a leader and have clarified my commitment to how I want to contribute to the world. Becoming certified in this methodology was very important to me as a means of sharing supportive practices in my coaching of others. The Being at Full Potential assessment is an incredible tool for powerful growth in leadership. One can feel the intuitive wisdom within the foundation of the assessment and frameworks, and the insights one gains can lead to transformative reflection and conversation. Mark Vandeneijnde and Peter Leong are wonderfully wise facilitators and guides of the certification process and supported participants in rich practice to experience the power of the assessment in action. Being in community with coaches across the globe was such a rewarding experience that helped me expand my perspective. I highly recommend this certification course and found it to be a tremendously valuable experience.


Jonathan Nungaray
Certified Human Potential Development Coach (2023)

This program has helped me in my coaching style by showing me a third way of being. How to help clients view professional development work from the perspective of relationships with yourself and others.


Simon Eggerschwiler Lucerne
Certified Human Potential Development Coach (2023)

Getting the opportunity to dive into my personal awareness with such a valuable and profound method such as the Being at Full Human Potential (BFP) is a priceless blessing. I deeply acknowledge all the people involved in making that journey to my personal human development happen and for having this rich methodology open-source democratically available. I especially want to give a warmhearted thank you to Peter Leong and Mark Vandeneijde for all the precious lifetime invested in creating and manifesting it and following your calling. The method BFP enables a wonderful and deep journey for everybody in the world who wants to connect with oneself in order to unleash step by step the full human potential. I can feel a strong calling to use this source of truth to evolve my human potential by contemplating and acting, respecting the attitudes, expressing the 23 Being states at my best and making a difference in the world by inspiring my environment with this energy and wisdom. It really means a lot to me, having had the chance to learn from you and move on from here together with like-minded, more and more fully expressed, aware human beings who are in charge of the greater good. Please allow me to close with Thay's words: "Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.” (Thich Nhat Hanh)


Rachel Smith
Operations Team Lead - Woodside Energy

Building great teams and organisations requires a conscious culture. The Human Potential framework is all about looking inwards to build outwards and upwards, explore untouched potential, and bring out the best in you and your teams. We all know leadership is a conscious journey. And we all know that having the right tools for the job is key. I’ve valued the insights this framework gave me on my leadership journey. Hence the recommendation - in case there are any coaches, business owners, or change-makers out there seeking to build up their toolbox 🧰🔨🔧🙌.

Virginie Helias
Vice President, Procter & Gamble

The Human Potential Assessment is a well-researched and holistic tool that reflects his author’s deep expertise in human psychology and teamwork effectiveness insights”