We as Omega truly are inspired by your intent and we are experiencing a true partnership. We are really proud to have partnered with you. 

Saravanavasan KSSenior Director Human Resources, Omega Healthcare Management Services

 Building great teams and organisations requires conscious culture. The Human Potential framework is all about looking inwards in order to build outwards and upwards, to explore untouched potential, to bring out the best in you and your teams. Being At Full Potential is running some online courses in August to become a certified Human Potential coach. Targeting the Asia-Pacific Time zone: Aus, NZ, PNG, or south-east Asia. Check out more about it their post. We all know leadership is a conscious journey. And we all know that having the right tools for the job is key. I’ve really valued the insights this framework has given me on my leadership journey. Hence the recommendation - in case there are any coaches, business owners, or change-makers out there seeking to build up their toolbox 🧰🔨🔧🙌. Peter Leong is an amazing coach. Highly recommended. 

Rachel SmithOperations Team Lead - Woodside Energy

 The Human Potential Assessment is a well-researched and holistic tool that reflects his author’s deep expertise in human psychology and teamwork effectiveness insights” 

Virginie HeliasVice President, Procter & Gamble

 I admit to having been sceptical at first about the process and the likely benefits it (the Human Potential Assessment) would bring but I’m fully converted into believing that I can bring about significant improvements to the way we work in our Islington store and put us in a good place for taking on any new projects in the future. 

Paul GardnerOwner, Budgens supermarket, London