Existential wellbeing and the whole of person - a short article.

Image by Venessa Jane Smith - Visual Conversationalist

Nurturing and stimulating the growth and wellness in the WHOLE OF PERSON leads to EXISTENTIAL WELLBEING. Lifelong wellbeing of a person comes from bodily, mental, soul and spiritual wellbeing as an integral whole. 

Attention to one or two perspective alone helps, but all four perspectives of the whole of person must be restored and reinvigorated for existential wellbeing to be alive – to be resilient and sustainable, able to bounce back from the incessant pressures of life we face today and be able to move on with our wellbeing and humour intact. 

We care a lot about mental health (rightfully so) because we see it manifesting every day in our work and social life. We also know and care about our bodily health through thoughtful nutrition and disciplined exercise. 

So, the message and invitation here is to open our minds and heart to the more invisible nature of our humanness – our being wholly human coexisting with our lifelong health and wellbeing. We ask, “What about soul-health?” and “What about spiritual health?” “How do we realise the potential of the body + mind + SOUL + SPIRIT in the whole of our being?” 

I believe that we must give and direct as much priority and attention to stimulate and nurture the intimate and inward depth of the whole person in the fullness of his/her personal existence. 

Existential wellbeing is a worthwhile cause we should not forget and must remember to campaign for.

By Peter Leong

Being at Full Potential NZ

21 July 2020