TRANSFORMATIVE LEADERSHIP involves an initial choice to lead by creating the future in the present despite the external pressures of our times. The choice also leads to co-creating a culture of growth, excellence and real accomplishments in a turbulent world.

We live in turbulent times. Turbulence means that the change needed in your organisation will likely exceed the adaptive capacity of your organisation today, resulting eventually in stagnation (or possibly decay) if things continue the way as it is now.

Current ways of perceiving, thinking, and doing will not cut it. Another level of leadership capacity is required.

We share with you a new way of organising the perceptive field or “an upgrade in your leadership operating system” as the way to unleash the abundance of adaptive capacity of people in your organisation, increasing the ability to meet important challenges in life in a complex world, not only to recover but to thrive.

This 2-day Transformative Leadership workshop training program invites you to enhance the way you PERCEIVE, RELATE, KNOW AND DO as a “transformative leader”. It will augment and transform your current leadership practice that has served you well so far but stretched beyond its limits today. We learn to flesh out together what we might expect of the “leader for tomorrow” in parallel with the emergence of a “world of tomorrow.”

Transformative leadership is, a practice of unveiling and unleashing your own creative potential as a leader and it leads to a shift in the new way of seeing what others do not see and then show the way to achieve of excellence, results, and real achievement – everyday, everywhere, and everyone.

This transdisciplinary workshop opens new integral worlds of being, relating, knowing, and doing – all key pieces of “rewiring” consciousness upon your current leadership worldview. Together, we learn, experience, practice, grow and awaken throughout our generative workshop conversations over two days.

The deliverables can be captured in the following key words – turbulent change, transform, quality of transformative leadership, abundance in adaptive capacity, recover, thrive, excellence, results, real achievements, transdisciplinary, being, relating, knowing, doing, consciousness, experience, practice, grow, awaken, generative conversations.

The ultimate delivery is in measurable organisational performance outcomes through transformative leadership practice and transformative teams.

COMING SOON - look out for the  announcement of dates and venue for the first TRANSFORMATIVE LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP in 2021.