Laying the essential stepping stones in life to become an empowered job seeker

An invitation to individual persons from the community looking for new ways to recover your source identity so as to increase your employability maturity (level) and going forth to successfully secure meaningful employment. We are reaching out to community service providers helping youths and adults to rediscover a new leash of life and learn anew a life approach to securing a job where he or she thrives in.

Empowering youths into meaningful jobs
  • Job skills and competencies are necessary but inadequate on its own for unemployed youths and adults to thrive as employees in the future of work. 
  • Ultimately, employability empowerment is about expressing and unleashing HUMAN POTENTIAL and by turning the learning into rediscovering one's true inner self as the source of self-empowerment. All else flows from there into the world of work.
Workshop training and mentoring sessions - learning journey
Pre -Workshop
  • Measuring your hard and soft human potential realisation skills and debriefing
Day 1  Workshop
  • Subtracting - downloading from the hard edges of life of unemployment and sense of little hope against the odds
  • A safe space to rediscover self and others - tapping into unspoken fears and dreams
  • Passaging - stepping into a clearing field of infinite possibility individually as a whole of person
  • Arriving - approaching and resting into new way of looking at everything from a new perspective of life as a empowered and full potential job seeker 
Day 2
  • The science and art (hard and soft skills) of a person claiming your rightful place in the future of work
  • Demystifying the who you are as a whole person in this world
  • Maps and pathways 
  • Uploading and awakening - going the full circle to becoming and acting as an empowered person playing your role in the organisational (or entrepreneurial) world.
Follow-up mentoring sessions
  • Four to six weeks walking though the stepping stones in raising the various dimensions of a full potential person ready to show up at interviews and securing the job you seek.
  • Co-learning and buddy-learning 
  • Post Measurement (to be discussed)
  • Coaching (to be discussed)

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